The twenty-first century challenges – globalization, information overload, rapid changes – leads to more and more requirements for learners and teachers. The skills that students/ learners need to contribute effectively to society are in constant change. Yet, our education systems are not keeping up with the fast pace of the world around us. Most schools and training organizations look much the same today as they did a generation ago, and teachers/trainers themselves are often not developing the practices and skills necessary to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners.

Professional development, at all points in a teacher‘s career, is necessary to keep up with changing research, tools, practices and students‘ needs. And there is no better way to communicate to students the importance of lifelong learning than by teachers, themselves, setting the example of being lifelong learners. More adult learning can help Europe overcome the economic crisis, meet the need for new skills and keep its ageing workforce productive.
So creating opportunity for professional development activities on-line can be a relatively inexpensive way of promoting lifelong learning and fostering co-operation among teachers and trainers from different schools and training organizations.

The SkillsUp project consortium aims at providing more concrete lifelong learning opportunities for the adult educators, teachers and trainers in the partners countries. Lithuania and partner countries have developed a good network of adult learning opportunities, but there is still untapped potential for the development of an easily accessible form of adult education – distance and e-learning training for professional development.

Our project’s main objective is retaining older teachers/trainers, who is our target group, in employment through the provision of appropriate educational opportunities supported by innovative learning methods.
The project will create and propose:

  • Open Multilingual collaborative platform with Digital and Soft skills courses consisting of 6 modules each for study in English, Lithuanian, French, Greek, Swedish, Bulgarian;
  • A set of lesson scenarios or lesson plans compiled in e-book;
  • Innovative informal training program for professional development of elderly educators, applicable at European level;
  • State of the Art Report about informal digital and soft skills training for educators in partner countries.

Partnership unites experienced teams from institutions providing distance and adult education what enables to ensure high quality of project implementation and its results mentioned above.

Expected results and impact is visible improvement of educators’ professional competence, intellectual thinking, practical, transferable skills: the ability to plan & deliver trainings using ICT tools creatively responding to the changes of the modern world.