Institut E-SENIORS

The association “Institut E-SENIORS” is a non profit organization aiming to support the development of ICT training for seniors and disabled people. In order to achieve this objective it has chosen the bottom-up approach, giving priority to the needs of its public and proposes solutions which benefit of the synergy between the users, the research professionals and the solution developers. Main activity of the association is the creation of a network bringing together seniors, autonomous and dependent, as well as their environment such as family, care givers and service providers.
Our essential activities are:

    • Experimental workshops for active aging while promoting the use of digital technology in general and, more specifically, the development of cognitive and physical games, both in order to improve also for a inter generational communication,
    • Teaching the teachers about our know how in terms of organizing activities for active aging and the usage of ICT-tools,
    • Creating, leading and animating networking activities to promote the use and the accessibility of ICT for elderly and disabled people in the scientific, medical, industrial and civil society world.

IESE has a network of teachers and trainers who teach the seniors the usage of different ICT-tools and they are the target group of the project. The goal of IESE’s participation in this project is to reinforce the essential skills of the local teachers (that are often working voluntary) so that they can improve their curriculum vitae and be more efficient at their work. Moreover, the previous European project experiences of Institut E-Seniors are complementary to the project, and we can efficiently be involved in following missions: Creation of the state of the art study related to the soft and digital skills. This study is used as a basis for the development of the other intellectual output.

Participation in the development of the soft and digital skills learning modules, notably localization of the content and contribution in the different tools that are included in the module. Organization of the local pilot workshops with the target group. Creating, leading and animating networking activities to promote the developed training modules. Dissemination of the varied activities to the local organizations and stakeholder. Taking part in the European wide project meetings organized by the project partners. Making and submitting in time the reports to the French NA. Finally, IESE has a team of European project managers who are experienced in the partnership project management. For this reason, IESE is responsible for the quality management in the project.