Plunge Adult Education Center

Plungės suaugusiųjų švietimo centras (Plunge Adult Education Center) is a public not for profit institution established by Plunge region municipality in 1948. We seek to provide high quality formal and non-formal education for youth and adults. The center is working in different fields of adult education.

Non-formal education for teachers. In this field our mission is to promote innovation and reform in education, to ensure the framework for personal and professional development. The main objective is continuous training of the teachers through training courses, methodical and cultural activities. The main domains are:

    • educational marketing – educational need analysis, promoting the educational resources, promoting innovation and creativity in education;
    • projects and educational partnership implementing the educational projects at local, regional, national and international level;
    • in-service training – creating and organizing training courses, focus-groups, work-shops, lectures, teacher consulting, exhibitions and conferences for community of teachers in the region and monitoring the impact of the mentioned activities;

We supporting the activities of the University of the Third Age (TAU) which was established in 2012 as a department of Adult Education Center. Our University provides life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities for retired people in Plunge region. Retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for their own reward: the sheer joy of discovery.

At present there are 3 faculties and about 200 learners:

    • Health Care and Spiritual Development,
    • Culture and Art,
    • Global Cognitive Faculty.

We provide formal basic and secondary education for adults (18 +) who for some personal reasons early left school and returned after some time to continue learning to gain basic or secondary education.
At present we have 85 learners and 13 teachers involved in this sector.

Plunge Adult Education Center
Plunge Adult Education Center

PSSC works closely with the local and regional authorities and adult education centers in Lithuania continuously promoting adult education in the frame of LLL Programe. Our institution was the coordinator for two Grundtvig projects – „Language Unites Europe“ (2009) and “Motivating New Technologies for Adult Education in Rural Areas” (2013). Besides, we were involved as partners in two more European projects –„Teacher‘s portfolio of non-academic competences“ in 2008 and „ Extending working life“ in 2009.