Project Aims

The project will create and propose

  • Open Multilingual collaborative platform with Digital and Soft skills courses consisting of 6 modules each for study in English, Lithuanian, French, Greek, Swedish, Bulgarian for 60 hours.
  • A set of lesson scenarios or lesson plans compiled in e-book (50 lesson samples).
  • Innovative informal training program for professional development of elderly educators, applicable at European level.
  • State of the Art Report about informal digital and soft skills training for educators in partner countries.
  • 1 short-term staff training in soft skills (total 15 persons).
  • 1 multiplier event in partner countries (total 5 events & 120 participants).
  • 1 international pilot training in soft skills (15 participants).
  • 4 national pilot trainings in soft skills (20 participants each; total 80 participants).
  • 1 international pilot training in digital skills (30 participants).
  • 5 national pilot trainings in digital skills (20 participants each; total 100 participants).

Expected results and impact is visible improvement of educators’ professional competence, intellectual thinking, practical, transferable skills: the ability to plan & deliver trainings using ICT tools creatively responding to the changes of the modern world; increasing educators’ motivation of using languages and ICT in communication and obtaining international experience in professional development; new and modern cooperation between the organizations which can lead to new projects of cooperation in non-formal education for disadvantaged groups.