State of the Art Report

State of the Art Report about digital and soft skills trainings for adults

The aim of this output is to create a report that firstly provides an overview of the existing training opportunities related to the digital and soft skills and secondly gathers the most essential digital and soft skills that should be included in the project training courses (O2 and O3). This report will guide the creation of the two training courses on digital and soft skills.
The questionnaire was distributed in 5 countries to teachers that are part of each partner’s network.

In total, 254 teachers/trainers responded to the questionnaire:
– 78 respondents in Bulgaria (30.7 % of the respondents)
– 19 respondents in France (7.5 %)
– 99 in Lithuania (38.9 %)
– 41 in Cyprus (16.1 %)
– 17 in Sweden (6.7 %)